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Reviewed by  DadFunBost 2 hours ago
This is a great big sexy guy who’s Interested in people and a healthy lifestyle. He went deep and I felt it the next day then amazing adjustment actually. Felt taller. Thank you. Hope to see you in the USA when your travels bring you yo NA.
Reviewed by  RogerrideM 2 hours ago
Tony was very skilled, very sweet and caring. He is truly a trained masseur who was genuinely interested in my well-being. He found my tight knots Then he made me forget my daily stress and transported me to his world of happiness and pleasure.
Reviewed by  MeFred 2 hours ago
I was lucky to get Msg_Renzo to do an outcall on short notice. I amvery happy with the massage. His touch was nothing short of amazing. I fully recommend him.
Reviewed by  srcndc 2 hours ago
An A+ experience from beginning to end. Quick to respond to email and texts to schedule an appointment with flexibility on timing, a convenient, easy-to-find location in Midtown with on-site parking, a great set-up for the massage in a nice apartment.

But the A++ was his work. He's clearly a ***y man who is easy on the eye, but there are far too many here who have the looks but don't have the skills to back it up. Not the case with KittenBear. It's the best of everything: big, strong paws used to great effect on a therapeutic massage with a mix of techniques all his own, all the while weaving together sensual and erotic elements throughout. He has a kind, gentle demeanor and seems to genuinely enjoy the work (and he put in the work!) and he remains *present* and with you from beginning to end. I was blown away. Simply extraordinary.

I'll definitely be back to see him whenever I'm in town!
Reviewed by   3 hours ago
Joey provided an excellent massage with numerous special techniques that completely elevated and transformed the experience. His strong, dominant and confident demeanor made me feel that I was in the hands of a true master. Thanks for the exceptional service sir!
Reviewed by  Jordan_walker 3 hours ago
I have been going to Carl for a while now, and every time I am on the table, the experience is always better than the last. He knows where my difficult areas are, and will always stretch me out to help loosen my body and make it more relaxed as my body tends to be a little tight at times. Throughout the massage, he is very attentive to my body and how it reacts. He will ask you how you are doing to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire experience. I don’t consider it just a massage, but any experience. His hands, movements, stretches, strokes, constantly having one hand on you as he moves around the table makes it much more than a standard massage. Our conversations have truly evolved and developed over the course of me being a regular client. He has become more than a masseuse, but a best friend who I can go to, get a massage, and have a great conversation with. His communication is top notch and will even message you to see how your day is or even how you are feeling a day or two after the massage. Carl is someone not to miss. He scheduling and flexibility is what makes him easy to book. I continually go to him, as I know I am in for a treat every time. Every massage I have received is always a little different, with new techniques and surprises. He truly knows how to keep you coming back for another. Do yourself a favor and book him; you won’t be disappointed.
Reviewed by  glennh 3 hours ago
I have been a client of Musclebeefcake for five years now.
I can only guarantee you this will be the best massage of your life.
He is so polite and excellent with communication. Over the busy memorial day holiday weekend he was able squeeze me in. His massage ability is mind blowing. I have NEVER had the massage twice. I drive over an hour away to see him once a week and it is well worth it. From the second you meet him the energy is amazing. He will greet with a smile and a warm hug with those big arms to make your feel totally comfortable.
He is TRULY a gentle giant with a hear of gold. Treat yourself to Musclebeefcake you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by   4 hours ago
Very nice massage. Liked the way he stretches me. Very good, love the edging. Will book again
Reviewed by  tomasperez 4 hours ago
Wow, that is all I have to say about my massage last night with Aaron. Wow.

It was fantastic. I would see him again, and again if I could.
Reviewed by  DallasMan 5 hours ago
I booked my first appointment with Paul on June 11. People frequently express in the reviews “best massage I’ve ever had.” I’m going to say that here, and it is true. Paul is amazing. Very kind, very handsome, and very skilled. Best money I’ve spent it along time.
Reviewed by  CDeuce 6 hours ago
Awesome and genuine person! He has a natural desire to please and will adjust according to your desire. You will definitely leave the massage endeared to him and his services.
Reviewed by  FootmanOne 6 hours ago
Had the pleasure of meeting Marco for the first time. He put me at ease immediately and was very attentive. He could sense what kind of massage I was looking for and focused on those areas with precision.

Look forward to meeting him again and trying some of his other techniques.
Reviewed by  Bornap 7 hours ago
Masculine, muscular and dominant! Gifted in the right places. The way I want it.
His massage skills were good too :)
Reviewed by  Massagerk 7 hours ago
Namor, was amazing. He was easy to make an appointment with, on time and easy to talk to. His massage was great. His hands were perfect and they were warm. He was able to relax my whole body. I would absolutely see him again.
Reviewed by  Soderp 8 hours ago
He was very responsive to my text message, but more importantly he delivered precisely what I needed. It was not rushed or hurried and he was totally focused on me and making me happy.If you want an experience of a lifetime book a session with this master. Thank you so much!
Reviewed by  JamLove 9 hours ago
Great personality and good massage
Reviewed by  Awdsongs Today, 07:00
Met Edwin for first time with his friend Ken for 4hand massage. He didn’t a great job and paid special attention to a knot I had near my shoulder. He worked in sync with Ken and they both did an amazing job. It was nice to meet Edwin he was very charming.
Reviewed by  Awdsongs Today, 06:50
Had awesome 4hand massage with Ken and his friend Edwin. Ken is the best. I’ve been seeing him for 5 years. He’s great at what he does and is a great guy. He’s friendly always plays great music and him and his friend worked out all my knots. I felt great at the end of the massage.
Reviewed by  Notnotday Today, 05:44
Sirsamlucas gives a massage that is exceptional, and I say this as one who gets bodywork regularly. He is the real deal here and has consistently provided me with massages (yes that is 'plural') that are indeed full-body where Sirsamlucas uses his strength and experience to give his client an experience that goes beyond therapeutic, leading to the one on his table wanting more. He responds quickly to texts and arrives on time (I have only booked Sirsamlucas for outcall service to my home).

So yes I highly recommend Sirsamlucas. He is authenticly kind and genuine, handsome and muscled, and one of the best massage therapists around. Seriously.
Reviewed by  fearlesslove Today, 05:43
I established my account this past weekend and stumbled upon Eric's profile. I read his reviews extensively and found a consensus amongst clients that he was professional, provided a environment conducive to relaxation, a skilled therapist and had a positive inviting demeanor. All of which appealed to me and in addition to him being incredibly easy on the eyes inspired me to message him to inquire about scheduling an appointment.

Eric was incredibly easy to contact and schedule an appointment. He was responsive and offered me a few perspective dates due to not being available on the date I requested. He even followed up on the date we agreed upon just to confirm the appointment and provided me with address and meeting location.

Eric greeted me upon arrival, had a very positive and friendly disposition and welcomed and led me into his studio. After he discovered that this was my first erotic massage and observed my nervous energy he provided me with simple instructions and comforting words to dispel my nervousness.

His studio is efficiently sized, cozy, and his choice of music resonated with me placing me into a place of relaxation. He began applying a balanced amount of pressure to my shoulders and found several high tension areas with knots without me bringing them to his attention. His work on my shoulders and calves was exceptional as they are two areas most impacted by workouts and sports activities. He truly provided a balance of medium pressure and a comforting sensual touch.

He checked on me inquiring us to whether I was okay on quite a few occasions during the appointment. I even had to ask him if I had done anything wrong due to my complete absence of familiarity with this experience. Eric alleviated my anxiety with humor and reassuring words.

I was offered water on a few occasions and ultimately took him up on the offer toward the end of the session. I was allotted my scheduled amount of time and never felt rushed much less unwelcomed. Upon completion of the appointment I was offered the option to shower, to use the bathroom and was told to take my time.

Eric was kind enough to walk me out to our meeting location upon completion of the appointment. The session placed me in a space of complete bodily relaxation. I slept incredibly well the night of the session and am happy to have contacted him and scheduled an appointment.
Reviewed by   Today, 05:28
Wow….just, wow!!
Took a chance on a profile with no reviews, and so glad that I did. Great guy who gave a great massage. Looking forward to my next chance to book with this MascStud. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Reviewed by  JMarcKus Today, 05:09
Excellent I enjoyed to different techniques used throughout the massage. Left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!!!
Reviewed by  credubelow Today, 03:53
Dylan is very skilled at massage , connection , intimacy and eroticism . It was a seamless experience starting with massage and progressing to intense intimacy. I plan on seeing him again before he goes elsewhere.
Reviewed by  DandyDan Today, 03:41
Words have to go here, but I have no words. My session with Mateo was beyond good. He took me to places with his massage that I never knew existed. You want to go to Cielo? Book with Mateo

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